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Independent, but community-minded, on the 4th

July 4th, 2008 · 3 Comments · General

Fourth of July in my neighborhood has meant, for the past many years, a pure-Americana parade that ends, naturally, with refreshments. Neither the parade nor the refreshments are really the point, to my way of thinking. It’s much more about community and our individual ways of expressing our love of it. I’m glad to live in a place where young and old walk side by side, where lesbian couples and interethnic couples and WASPy couples and childless couples and singles all share in the pleasure of the community. So here, without further ado, is my photo tribute, such as it is, to my country and our occasionally abused freedoms.

(Note to RSS readers and email subscribers: You’ll need to go to the website to see the photos, if I’m not mistaken.)

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  • Meryl

    I’ve heard this parade is a lot of fun! We’re currently “east-siders”, but I think we might have to come crash the party next time we’re in Lawrence for the Fourth!

  • Maxine

    How fun! Loved the pics too. Didn’t know there was an east and west Lawrence. How about north and south? NE? SW??

  • Janet Majure

    It is fun. I enjoy it even though my kid isn’t in it any more. (I’m trying to talk her into providing the music next year, though). And Meryl, you come right on over. Lots of friends from outside the neighborhood participate.