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About is written by me, Janet Majure. I’ve loved food even longer than I’ve been preparing it and writing about it, and it makes me sad that many people have lost the joy of food in their rush to do more faster. I hope to share some of my enthusiasm for good, fresh food here along with a few recipes occasionally and some editorializing about the benefits of local food versus industrialized food.

November 2007

Why should my opinion carry any weight? I don’t know that it should, really, but I’ll tell you that I wrote a weekly cooking column for almost 10 years (divided between two tenures) and that I have a couple of cookbooks out there with my name on them. More important, though, is my training as a journalist, which means I ask a lot of questions and I know a lot of ways to get answers. I put those skills to use in producing this blog.

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About those photos

The photos in the banners that appear on this site are mostly by photographers who have generously shared their works at If I ever make any money here, I hope to compensate them in some way. In the meantime, the least I can do is credit them. Their names and individual websites (where available) are as follows, according to their listings: