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Avoiding HFCS isn’t easy away from home

August 4th, 2009 · No Comments · Food selection

challengeEating away from home is clearly the toughest part in the Food for Change Challenge. Take today for instance. I packed a good lunch featuring tomatoes, cantaloupe, milk, bread and fab dessert leftovers from a neighbor (a blueberry-blackberry-peach crumble!!)—all local and absent high fructose corn syrup.

There was just one problem; it wasn’t enough.

Unfortunately, I was in a modern office building today, at my part-time “real” job (and insurance source) that supplements my freelance writing and editing income. Thus, when I found myself hungry in the afternoon after eating my lunch a bit early, I was in trouble. My usual snack option there—the M&Ms in the chief’s private office—seemed a likely HFCS bearer (although I haven’t had a chance to confirm that with a package and I don’t find the ingredients readily online). I decided not to bother with the vending machines, filled, as they are, with assorted candies and crackers. I checked other staffers’ stashes (crackers, energy bars, etc.), and they all contained corn syrup of one kind or another.

pearsDebbie saved me by offering up a pear. Thanks, Debbie!

Obviously, I was a little complacent in planning my own Food for Change Challenge week. I’ll do better tomorrow. I hope. How are you doing?

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