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First CSA bag delivers the greens

April 24th, 2009 · 4 Comments · local food

lettuces and other goods

Ahh… the first CSA delivery of the season. To say I’ve been eagerly awaiting it is a major understatement. I’m working my way through the bounty and couldn’t be happier about it. Piles of fresh-from-the-garden green things are an excellent antidote to winter.

The contents (clockwise from top left:

  • Spring salad mix
  • Spinach
  • Sweet potato (presumably cured last fall)
  • Pea greens
  • Chives
  • Mushrooms (shiitake)
  • Head lettuce (I chose a butter-leaf type)

Two goals

I have two goals for my CSA participation this year.

  1. Not to throw anything away (and adding to compost pile counts as throwing away). This is a repeat goal. I usually do a pretty good job, but I could do better, particularly where herbs and some greens are concerned. I intend to assess upon receipt of the goods whether I can and will really eat it all before it goes bad, and if there’s any doubt, I’ll preserve them, primarily through freezing or drying.
  2. Learn to like mushrooms. My CSA, Rolling Prairie Farmers Alliance, has the good fortune or misfortune, depending upon your point of view, of having a first-rate mushroom grower among its producers. Mushrooms are something that I’ve generally tolerated, rather than liked or enjoyed. Therefore, I’m going to eat the mushrooms I get rather than give them away. After all, there are one of the higher-value (pricewise) goods in any given bag, and one reason I do the CSA is to expand my eating and cooking horizons. So far, I’ve used about half of this week’s mushrooms in a stir fry.  I’ll keep you posted, and mushroom suggestions or recipes are welcome.

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  • Jennifer

    Mushrooms on homemade pizza are always fantastic! The different greens, like kale and mustards, would be my problem. I love the way they look, but being a vegetarian, don’t seem to have a lot of options other than soup. I wonder if some kind of pesto would work.

  • Angela Candela

    One of my favoarite things to do with mushrooms, the button type, anyway, is to make a simple marinated salad with the mushrooms sliced, sprinkle on some lemonn juice, sliced scallion greens, salt papper, and toss with a little olive oil. Simple and tasty. It just gets better as it marinates. I got the preipe from the Time Life Italian cookbook.

  • Janet Majure

    Thanks, Jennifer. I have done mushrooms on pizza before, but forgotten. As to the greens, besides soup, I use them in stir-fries and risotto as well as in soups. You might give those a try, and I’m sure you indeed could do some kind of pesto .

    I have NOT tried marinating them, Angela. I’ll have to remember that one for the next round of mushrooms.

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