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Size matters, as food marketers surely know

August 24th, 2008 · 2 Comments · Eating out, Food selection, Research

A collection of articles in the October 2008 Journal of Consumer Research adds up to what we already suspected. Those wily processed food marketers know how to get us to buy and eat more. Consider:

My solution: Don’t eat food that comes in packages (except nature’s). Without packaging to confuse us, we just might eat according to what our bellies perceive, rather than what our brains (or emotions) perceive. Of course, these are just three studies, and none of them can be considered definitive. Still, they are worth keeping in mind when grabbing for packaged food. Are you grabbing what your belly wants, or are you grabbing something else?


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  • Joanne

    This is interesting information. Lately I have been trying to focus on eating “nature’s packages.” I’m hungry? Eat a peach. Eat an apple. Eat a tomato. (or cherry tomatoes?) It’s a self-contained portion. That said, I can’t believe how big some pieces of fruit are. I feel bored with eating such a large piece of fruit before I even feel full! It’s another way of avoiding the packed food phenomena.

  • Janet Majure

    You bore more easily than I do (assuming it tastes great)!