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Summertime, and the eating is easy

August 18th, 2008 · 6 Comments · recipes

Try this simple sandwich, which is as good-tasting as it is simple to make. As gardens burst with the most delectable of produce, this is just one of many fabulous dishes that can be had with a minimum of effort.

Tomato-feta-basil sandwich

For each sandwich:

  • 2 slices excellent bread (I used WheatFields‘ Country French bread)
  • 1 ounce (approximately) feta, cut into an 1/8 inch (3 mm) slice if you can manage it
  • Thick tomato slices
  • Salt and pepper
  • 2 or more large leaves of sweet basil

Lightly toast bread. Top one slice with cheese then tomato slice (or slices, depending on the size and shape of your tomatoes). Lightly sprinkle with salt and pepper. Add basil leaves. Top with other bread slice, and serve.

That’s it. And it’s fabulous. Vary it as you like: try it with other cheeses; brush the toasted bread with olive oil or rub it with a cut garlic clove; eat it open-face.

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  • LisaK

    I love your food pictures. Cooking isn’t my first love, but I really like simple non processed meals.

    Your blog is inspirational. Thanks!

  • Jennifer

    My favorite summertime sandwich is 2 slices of pain ordinaire, lightly toasted, lightly smeared with mayonnaise, sliced tomatoes, salt and pepper. Right now, I’m eating this almost every day. Unfortunately my tomato plant has septoria leaf spot and I fear it won’t be producing anymore, so I’m going to have to be back to the farmer’s market this Saturday.

    Oh and Janet, I did try the recipe. It turned out pretty well, though I’m starting to think I’m just not a fan of zucchini all that much, at least the cooked kind. Milton’s sometimes has marinated zucchini which I think might be uncooked with their hummus plate which I *love*, but I’ve got no idea how to make those.

  • Joanne

    Hey there–I love the cheese and tomato sandwiches, but I think I’m with Jennifer on this one. Mayo, bread, homegrown tomato. Oh, a tomato sandwich, the joy of the south in the summer time. :)

  • Janet Majure

    Wow, LisaK, thanks! I feel affirmed. :) Check out the fruit salad I’m posting later today for another super simple and delicious dish.

    Jennifer, your sandwich sounds equally wonderful, but too bad about your plant. I understand about the zucchini. It’s hard to get excited about (at least for me), but its blandness does make it versatile. Don’t give up!

    Good morning, Joanne. You sneaked in while I was writing my comment! Believe me, I wouldn’t turn down the mayo-tomato sandwich!

  • Jennifer (Baklava Queen)

    I love these sandwiches… love love LOVE ’em! Also very good with fresh buffalo mozzarella and/or a splash of balsamic vinegar.

  • PaniniKathy

    Mouth-watering photo! Cannot go wrong with tomato, feta and basil. Oregano is also really good!