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Backyard chicken question provokes clucking

June 4th, 2008 · 4 Comments · General

The backyard chicken issue has reared its ugly comb right here in Lawrence, Kansas. I’m surprised it’s taken this long. When I saw the headline, “Chickens and the city: Health officials concerned fowls will spread disease,” I knew the pecking would begin. That headline was on Friday. On Monday, I learned from the Rolling Prairie Farmers Alliance that a chicken-advocacy group had already formed. Today, the first letter to the editor on the topic appeared (or at least the first one I’ve seen).

If the controversy has sparked your interest in keeping chickens, check out this urban chicken post on Ethicurean. You can scroll past the top part to go straight to the facts, resources and tips. I’m kind of hoping some of my neighbors take up the challenge so that I can help them with their excess eggs. Anyone?

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  • Joanne

    Hey, I dropped by to say thanks for the comment on my blog AND I have to suggest that eating collards as part of my dinner at 5:30 and eating ice cream at 9:30 is not gross. In fact, I bet I could even make good collard maplesyrup ice cream if I tried. Maybe you just don’t love you a collard enough?! :)

    Anyhow, I’ve thought about keeping chickens, too, others in my neighborhood have. However, the lead in our soil and our two bird dogs make the whole thing seem sort of, umm, doomed. Maybe later in life!

  • Meryl

    I was actually pretty interested in the comments to the chicken article on Friday. Although I didn’t agree with everyone (I’m pro chicken, as I’d love to have a few when I’m not renting anymore), at least most people were being sensible. The comments to the letter to the editor today were awful though.

    I think the disease concerns are just kind of silly. I get the noise-and-poop concerns, but I think those can be taken care of by simple enforcement of existing laws. I understand that chickens may not be appropriate in certain areas of town, but in my part of town at least (East Lawrence) there is such a live and let live ethic already–what would it hurt?

  • Thomas K

    We’ve been keeping a couple urban chickens in our backyard here in the Bay Area (California) for over a year now, and I have to say all the noise-and-poop concerns are very much over-rated. Compared to dogs in our neighborhood, our two hens are quiet as mice, and the smell of dog poop overwhelms the chicken poop that we regularly add to our compost pile. We’ve been blogging about our experience since day 1, so come on by to take a look at how it’s been!

  • Janet Majure

    Joanne: I know what you mean; my aging but killer mutt would have those chickens down in a minute.
    Meryl: What would it hurt, indeed! (I also recommend ignoring JW commentators. Too many obviously need other hobbies.)
    Thomas: I’ve looked. It’s impressive. Good job!