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Up and running. . . or at least walking

May 29th, 2008 · 4 Comments · General

Well, it’s been a traumatic few days trying to get things squared away on the blog. Thanks for your patience. And I’m touched that a couple of you even commented on my last post.

Anyway, although changing the look of the site was not my intention, it was easier to change it than to make all the fixes I’d have needed to make in the previous presentation. I’m pleased that the new look does also include a Recent Comments list in the sidebar. As long as I’m fooling around with this stuff, I’d appreciate your comments on

  • Anything you hate and wish I would eliminate.
  • Anything you love and hope I keep.
  • Anything you’d like to see that isn’t here.

I do hope to hear from you, and I promise I won’t get so bogged down in tweaking the page that I quit posting. I’ll send a free cookbook to the person who has the best suggestion. Thanks!


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  • Joanne

    OK, I love your blog as is, you know that…but, if you were willing to do some reviews of healthy “prepared” condiments and food? That would be super. Like, when you go to the super market, and you need, say, mayonnaise, is the new olive oil mayonnaise put out by Hellman’s better for us? Or are they all about the same? Are there grocery store products that one can’t make from scratch that you’d recommend? I am trying to scrutinize everything I buy, and sometimes, it leaves me wondering what is really left when you take out the high fructose corn syrup…and the chemicals!

  • Janet

    I’m testing the comments notification option.

  • Diane

    I especially like the notices about food related activities in the community and all of the recipes.

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