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Garden grows with new herbs

May 18th, 2008 · 3 Comments · General

There I was at the garden center to pick up a few flowers for my yard, and the first thing I saw was a table of herbs, and then another table. I pondered. Even though I’ve given up on a real vegetable garden, due to multiple failures and lots of shade, I decided maybe I could find a sunny spot or two for a couple more herbs.

I bought sage, oregano, thyme and parsley, perennials all, except for the parsley, and I identified a couple of potential spots. Each gets at least a couple hours of sun. We’ll see if they get enough.

Italian parsley Italian parsley

English thyme English thyme

Greek oregano Greek oregano

I feel very international with all these supposed European sources for these herbs. They’re between two bushes on the south side of the house, on my path to the outdoor faucet. I may need to carve some other path to the spigot.

I didn’t get a good picture of the sage (no nationality, alas), but it’s in a spot between a neglected rose bush and candytuft.

Oh! I also stuck my well-rooted lemon balm in the ground in a pile of dirt that appeared mysteriously one day a year or two ago. It’s nice soil, but if the balm goes wild, it doesn’t really have much room to encroach on anything except the garage and a concrete wall. It looked limp after planting, but I’m betting it will flourish.

Lemon balm in ground

So wish my herbs luck. Maybe they’ll let me in the Ethicurean’s Victory Garden club. I’ve done my best to find them some sun and to place them away from the dog’s patrol route. I planted, watered, gave them a top dressing of compost. Now it’s up to them.

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