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Herbs return to fresh air

April 20th, 2008 · 3 Comments · General

Today, my two overwintered crops returned to the great outdoors. You could practically hear them sigh with relief to breathe the fresh air and feel the light breeze across their leaves.

I placed them on my back porch and situated them so that they shouldn’t get much, if any, direct sunlight for a while. They need to acclimate. I hacked off the dead and leggy bits from my rosemary, the trimmings of which I’ll force on my sister:

rosemary trimmings The trimmings

Then I gave the freshly bushy rosemary and the still-tall bay laurel a good drink and left them to bask in the fresh air. When I looked back at the herbs-moving-in post, I see just how much the rosemary suffered over the winter.

Bushy rosemary Trimmed rosemary

The bay laurel seems to have fared better, and it even has some new shoots and leaves, perhaps in response to the lengthening daylight.

Bay laurel Bay laurel (can you spot the camouflage puppy?)

That’s probably it for my summer garden, but you never know. I might just go to the garden center and say, “Yes, this is the year that I can grow tomatoes.” But probably not. I just don’t have the sun, except on my porch, but I do have Rolling Prairie and the Farmers Market.


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  • Joanne

    Our rosemary bit this dust sometime this winter. We’ve had mixed luck with overwintering indoors…not enough light and maybe (yes, my fault) sporadic watering. Outside, it survives sometimes, and sometimes it doesn’t! It can get too cold some winters.

    Thanks for your holiday wishes and input on my blog about the rss feed. I’ve checked around and I don’t seem to need feedburner. I mean, I am ok with more technology if it is necessary, but the one person who couldn’t figure out my blog’s feed to begin with? She never answered my first email about it. Much ado about nothing, me thinks!

  • Janet Majure

    Too bad about your rosemary, but you like a challenge, eh? And you’re right; you don’t need feedburner, but if you decide to use it I think it’ll be a snap.

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