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Fresh salsa makes for saucy week

August 23rd, 2007 · 6 Comments · Cooking for one, local food

I love fresh salsa—you know, the uncooked kind that tastes like summer. I rarely make it, though, because I haven’t figured out how (or tried, I admit) to make salsa for one, and I’m not a regular chip-eater.

The other evening, a few friends came over after dinner, so I used their visit as an excuse to buy the fresh salsa from the Treehouse Berry Farm at the Merc to serve along with the blue corn tortilla chips from Pendleton’s, a delicious combination. The salsa ingredient list: tomato, onion, bell pepper, green onion, jalapeno pepper, garlic, cilantro, lemon juice, vinegar, salt. Perfect.

Treehouse Berry Farm salsa

(I’m still learning the camera, as you can see, but I’m working on it!)

For whatever reason, however, my restrained friends barely ate any of it, which means I have a pint of salsa to consume before it spoils. Here’s a list of my efforts so far:

  • Salsa with chips
  • Salsa on scrambled eggs
  • Salsa, tomato and summer squash sauteed and served with pasta
  • Salsa as the only flavoring agent in a stovetop “casserole” of chicken and rice

I still have a lot of salsa. Tomorrow, I think I’ll go with salsa over steamed new potatoes with cheese. Maybe I’ll makes some salmon patties and top them with the salsa. Or maybe I’ll just pig out with salsa and those delicious chips. If you’ve got more ideas, let me know.

Meanwhile, I might note that Treehouse Berry Farm for whatever reason (I haven’t asked) doesn’t have a link on its web page to its preserved products, which it sells at the Merc, and presumably elsewhere. If you’re in the mood to try some and you’re an Amazon shopper, you can buy Treehouse Berry Farm salsas and “rumbles” by following the link I just provided. “Rumbles” are sort of like fruit salsas. Yum!


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  • Frank

    Have you tried “Desert Pepper Trading Company” salsa? I love their stuff.


  • Janet Majure

    Haven’t tried that one, Frank. I’ll keep an eye out for it in the store, though. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • John Marak

    Hi Janet, It’s taken me a while to reply. Congratulations on getting this site
    up and running. I think it looks great, a very clean and user friendly layout.
    The photography is nice as well. I’ve booked mark it and plan on checking in once a week or so. John

  • Janet Majure

    Thanks, John. I’ll look forward to your insights.

  • Lori Therrien

    Salsa, I love it! Never get get enough. One can of refried beans or black beans with cummin, heat them up, wrap in flour totillas with the salsa and low-fat or fat free sour cream. Serve with roasted corn on the cob, sprinkled with lime jiuce, salt and paprika for a fast fiber-full meal.

  • Janet Majure

    I make variations on that myself, Lori. Yum! I’ve never tried corn with lime juice, though. I’ll have to try it.